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Aldo Balding. Fine Art

Aldo Balding Sire born in 1960 year in Southsea England - is a talented portrait artist and painter, he works very well with children and young adults. His portrait have a fresh modern appeal. Along with his portraits Aldo paints genre scenes and landscapes. Education - 1983-1985 Southampton College Faculty of Design - Diploma in Illustration.
The narrative quality of Aldo Balding's magnificent paintings is usually what initially draws his viewers in. Aldo's works have been referred to as "nostalgic", but he considers them timeless. Aldo's conveys his love of the more formal time and finds a suited man is much more interesting, narratively speaking, than someone in sneakers and jeans. He continues the timeless feelof his work into his interior scenes and landscapes.
Aldo Balding has won awards and exhibits with professional societies and galleries in Europe and South Africa. Aldo Balding now lives in the Languedoc-Roussillon region of France.

Broad street, oil

The Early Hours, oil

Invitation, oil

Moments, oil

Moments, oil

La Riva degli Schiavoni, oil on canvas

Confidante, oil

Et In Arcadia Ego, oil

Cafe Florida, oil

Cafe Florida, Looking at the Rain, oil

Cafe Florida, Laying Tables, oil

Moments, oil

Revalations, oil

Revisiting Arcadia, oil

Revelations, oil

Skinny Dipping, oil

Trevi Fountain, oil

Zephyr, oil

Moments, oil

Coin of Vantage, oil

Au Coin, oil

Apero, oil

Moments, oil

Montparnasse 1900, oil

Imogen, oil

Rebecca, oil

Paris Rooftop, oil

Five Card Draw, oil

Moments, oil

Castel Naudary Balcony

Still life, oil

Изобразительное искусство,Fine Art

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