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Liu Yaming. Fine Art China

Liu Yaming was born in June, 1962 in Nei Jiang city of Si Chuan province, now is living in Art base in Shang Wan of Beijing. Professional artist.In 1991, the Centennial of Vincent Van Gogh Exhibition, Beijing. In 1992, European and Asian Art Biennial, Turkey. China Youth Oil Painting Exhibition, India. In 1993, China Oil Painting Biennial Exhibition. In 1994, Solo Exhibition in America
In 1995, China Oil Painting, Egypt. In 1996, China and Egypt Style Art Union-exhibition, Egypt.
In 2000, China Oil Painting Exhibition, Algeria. Visited France, Holland and Spain under the invitation of French Art organization. In 2001, Asian Art Biennial Exhibition, Bangladesh. In 2002, Solo Exhibition in Belgium, Antwerp. China Famous Artists Oil Painting, Beijing China Contemporary Art Annual Bibliography Nomination Exhibition, Beijing China Contemporary Image Oil Painting Artwork Exhibition, Beijing. In 2004, Centurial Feng Gu, China Contemporary Famous Artists Exhibition, Beijing. Art Bibliography Nomination Exhibition, Wu Han. In 2006, Centurial Feng Gu, China Contemporary Famous Artists Biennial Exhibition China International Art investment and collection Exposition, Beijing. Earth•Life•Peace China Image Artists Artwork Exhibition, Beijing. In 2007, Art interview to Russia under Russian Eastern Art Research Institution. Creating large-sized Oil Painting "The freedom way to the underworld".In 2008, the 3rd Beijing International Art Biennial Exhibition, Beijing. In 2008, Olympic Art Conference, Beijing.

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